About my Dad : Isolation

Poem 32 : Isolation

Scripture : Ezekiel 3:26


Our entire being is made to worship
We thrive when being around other believers
Our soul jumps for joy when worshipping
Our spirits are filled with hope, love and joy
There are moments in life where we need separation
There are moments in life between you and God
The isolation brings peace in the middle of the storm
The isolation brings clarity to the moment
Clarification God uses to remind you of his love
There is an eternal view we are reminded of
It’s not easy to face
It’s not easy to comprehend
There are some challenges in life that bring isolation
The enemy tries to have us doubt
There could be physical and/or emotional pain involved
It’s hard to be like this, but it happens
God is there through all of it
Isolation is a tough feeling to overcome
I’m not sure there is a right answer to deal with it
Past moments in life crop up providing perspective
All I can muster to suggest, hang onto these moments
God will help you through the storm
Each situation is different
Each challenge will test your will
May you lean on God more than ever in these moments
Remember his word, draw strength from it

Story Behind the Poem

I chose Ezekiel 3:26 for the theme verse. According to the story, Ezekiel was “made silent” for seven years. He couldn’t speak and was trapped at home. In my own life, in unsettled times, I draw on stories from the Bible I can relate to my own situation. Regarding isolation, imagine what Ezekiel felt when God did this.

A friend and his spouse were going through a challenging time dealing with cancer. They were separated due to the situation and dealing with treatment and other things.

This story also reminds me of my parents and when my dad was dealing with cancer. There were times they would go weeks being at home not being around others, due to the lowered immune system.

This can being create an isolated feeling. A boring routine with quiet time that gives a person time to reflect, which I can only guess is not a peaceful time, rather feelings of “why,” “how come” and “I don’t want to deal with this.”

God has gifted me to write my feelings in such a way I can hopefully share with others, they can use poems like this when they are feeling down or isolated to bring some hope and perspective in their lives.

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