About my Dad : My Savior Wears Bibs

Topic 52óMy Savior Wears Bibs

Scripture : Mark 10:35Ė45; John 13:1Ė20


Wake up in the early morning
To do a task that will brighten your house.

Say a quick prayer asking for guidance,
Asking for safe and efficient work.

After reviewing a given task list,
The work begins on the projectó

Nailing pieces of wood to make a deck look almost new again.
Enjoy working with family,

Enjoy talking to friends and getting advice,
Wondering along the way

Was this the right thing to do.
Then I remember, our Savior was a carpenter.

Not only did he shape wood,
He knows how to shape people.

He puts his bibs on to do his work,
Taking a person from one perspective and

Shaping him into something better
To perform his work.

You have to serve,
For itís been said to be a leader,

You must learn how to first serve others.
Jesus did not come to be worshiped

But to serve others.
To spread Godís word that

The kingdom of heaven is near.
He performed miracles, shared parables.

He washed the feet of others.
The next time you see construction workers,

The next time you see gardeners,
The next time you see a person in bibs,

Realize his job is not fancy.
His job probably isnít fun.

His job will not bring fame or glory.
As with Jesus, he wore bibs

Doing his work, trying to share Godís love.
Thank you, Jesus, for wearing bibs.


Story Behind the Poem

In the summer of 2010, I worked with my father for two days to fix the steps in front of my house. My wife thought it would cost a lot, but it was only about $150. Everything for those two days worked out perfectly. With my fatherís guidance, we straightened up a few foundational posts that were leaning, replaced the steps, fixed the hand railing, and overall made the deck look decent again without spending too much money. As always, my dad knew what to do and figured out what he didnít.

At the time, I joked with people who did real work, meaning those who worked outside for a living, wear a popular brand of coats and bib overalls to stay warm in the winter. I thought if I published the title with a brand name, I could get in trouble so I chose to use the generic term of bibs. I joke with people that I donít do real work since I work in an office. I told them one day Iíll have a real job, and then Iíll wear this particular brand of bibs to stay warm during the cold months of the year.

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