About my Dad – Waves

This poem is from my third book called One Reason : 21 Days to a new Beginning!

Day 18 – The Waves

Scripture : Mark 4:35-41,Matthew 8:23-27,Luke 8:22-25


Waves are rhythm to the oceans
They have continual motion

Some are big, some are small
Some are long, some are tall

They carry energy to shape things
They are constant and never-ending

Life is like a wave
With pressure from outside factors

It forms a shape and constantly moves
Until its hits land

It makes a mark and disappears
Another wave right behind does the same thing

Not quite the same way
But with similar force

Over time, wave after wave
Things are shaped and molded

Waves are used to describe things in our lives
“Are we on the same wavelength?”

If we are, things seem to go smoothly
If we are not, things tend to crumble

Much like when waves pound a coastline
Over time, it is shaped and eroded away

There is something left, not like the original
There are times when different waves impact people

They challenge us, they change our lives
Some seem so big, we can’t ride them out

We have to become like the thrill seekers
Who want to ride the next big wave

Big wave after big wave
And still stay on top of the board of life

God will be there every step of the way
Providing balance and strength

We might not understand at first
It’s scary riding the Big wave

We have a constant feeling we are going to fall off
We don’t think about succeeding

Fear grips us so tightly
We don’t think about anything else

Although it might be larger than we are used to
And when the one wave ends, another wave will be right behind it

Seeking God’s glory is the ultimate wave
It starts small and grows

When it hits land, we need to hold on
The enemy will try to keep us down

He will instill fear and doubt
God wants us to grab the board, run back out into the water

Seek another wave, and “get on the same wavelength” as Him
Each stage of life is like a wave

We get going and sometimes get knocked off
We pick up ourselves, get back up and try again

The enemy is as persistent as waves are to a shoreline
He’ll try to shape us to his likening, which is opposite of God’s

We need to put our faith in riding God’s wave
There will be many over time, but one thing is for sure

God’s waves and wavelength are two things we want to be on
Looking at it from an eternal view, you’ll be glad you did

Hang on tight while riding the surfboard of life
One day we’ll finish riding

To walk into Glory and hang with God
Forever and ever!


Story Behind the Poem

On the last day of vacation, just before we were ready to head home, I looked out the window and noticed the waves. Almost instantly, I knew the good Lord wanted to use waves as a story.  The day before, I found out my Dad was going in for his first cancer treatment. I knew it was going to cause a new wave of anxiety. For my Dad, it’s another wave to ride.  After reading about waves and how they worked, I realized how we used the words “waves” and “wavelength” to describe things in our lives.

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