About my Dad : Trust

This is from my second book called Remember the Nails : 40 Days doing something uncomfortable on purpose.

Day 34—Trust

Scripture : Exodus 20:16, Luke 16:10, Proverbs 11:3, Romans 12:3, 1 Timothy 1:19, Proverbs 12:5


Trusting a little is easy
Not revealing the whole truth is easy

Easy becomes safe
People like safe

Safe is comforting to the soul
People feel good when they are safe

When people are uncomfortable
They don’t trust much

They revert to methods to become comfortable again
Some spend their whole life looking for trust

Once trust is broken
It is real hard to get that back

There are many ways to break someone’s trust
One of the ways is to lie

Not telling the whole truth is lying
How can you trust someone really

If they don’t tell the whole truth
When you are not around

They tell the other parts they were holding inside
To a group of others who in turn spread gossip

Once gossip starts, the hearts true deceit can be revealed
Gossip is one of the true enemies of trust

People like to talk,
Gossip is one way to make conversation

Honest conversation is sometimes hard to do
As people form attitudes and opinions

When this happens, people have to really examine their heart
They need to look at their inner self

They need to remember who to trust
Men and Women will let you down.

When someone lets you down, it’s hard to trust
Trust is a fragile thing

Through trials and tribulations trust can be formed and strengthened
When you find a small group to share your life with

Trust can be nurtured and bonds can be made
Trust, Honesty, Integrity are foundational aspects of a relationship

So remember when around people, trust isn’t necessarily earned from the start
As when accepting Jesus as your savior

You know you want something different
Learning to unlearn your old ways and trust him takes time

Like accepting others in a group
Trust will come as long as you examine your own hearts intentions

Don’t be afraid to be honest, as long as it’s to build up, not to tear down
This is where a person can really start to trust


Story Behind the Poem

I was spending the weekend with my family and through various conversations and prayer for our small group. The word TRUST came to my heart and also (love). I prayed for guidance and how to start the small group. I saw the side of my Dad had a couple things on his heart, along with mine. Judgment came very swiftly. It was funny God trusted me enough to download the poems he had gifted me with. One of the key words I hadn’t written about was TRUST. I was inspired by God and he let me borrow someone’s internet long enough to download the poems and hit one page worth of key scripture on the word trust. I examined my own heart, I struggle with focusing on a negative of a person and it just festers. Other crutches I continue to hold onto the baggage for whatever reason I can’t explain.

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