Poem : Rejection


Scripture : Ephesians 6:12-18


You know me better than I know myself
My heart hurts and I donít know why

The enemy is very persistent
day and night reminding me of things

The thoughts are not loving
The thoughts are not kind

During a quiet time
In your loving way

I was reminded to ONLY focus on You
You showed me others are overwhelmed

I found comfort knowing you loved me enough to share the truth
I was able to recognize your voice

It was soft, loving and firm
You said this time of trial was needed

Lean on you even more
Seek your guidance

I type this to remind myself
You are in control of all

Even though you hear lies
I gave you the authority and ability to rebuke them

The rejection you feel is a vain attempt to distract you
Donít be afraid, be aware

Be patient, be still
Be open and vulnerable

Know that I am in charge
know that I have your best interest at heart

I will show you the way
I will open doors when the time is right

Until then, stay close
Stay in my word frequently

Use the gifts I have given you
Stay on course to the commands I sent

These are your guides
These are what satisfies you

Not others who you think
They have their own course given by me

Although they see you
They are called elsewhere for the time being

Even though this might hurt right now
Trust me, seek me and you will understand in time

You know this now
It will take time to accept

The heart is truly selfish
It only wants what it wants

Keep praying, keep seeking
I have given love letters to reference

These are my words
For I am the Engineer, Architect and Authority of all

I know your heart, you believe this
the lesson of patience isnít easy, but necessary

I have given you a witness who was close in your life
For he showed you the complete picture of my love

For he is in glory
Remember this lesson, remember and share the memories

I will continue to refine you
I will continue to guide you

All things are under my control
You know this as I have revealed to you time and time again

I know you love me
I hear your prayers frequently from my son

Keep working, Keep praying
As Paul stated, Put on your full Armor daily

This will help in the daily battles
Lord, thank you for your grace and truth

In Jesus name

Story Behind the Poem

This story covers a time right after my father passed away.† The enemy has been not stop attacking me, reminding me to not love those who God chose to lead his people. I recognize the lies and rebuke them often.† The anxiety I feel is an obvious attempt to distract me like in the past.† Although it is annoying, I know the truth.† My heavenly Father shared this poem to me, so I could share with others even in trial and tough times in life, lean on him for everything.† I am doing my best to be vulnerable and only seek approval from him.† Be patient to not let my free will and selfish ways interfere in His plans.† Be still enough to listen for his voice and be intentional when he wants me to be.

Secondly, our church started a series called Voice of God.† Meaning, if you seek God, listen and obey, you’ll hear God’s voice more clearly.† As with this poem:† God is firmly and lovingly instructing me to listen and focus solely on Him.† There is NO need to seek others for approval, guidance and direction.† God wants me to focus on Him.† He has something to teach me, so….I’m not very patient, I like to do things my own way.† I’m doing my best.† We’ll see how things go, until this.† This poem was for me and I plan to meditate often, remind myself and see what He has in store for me.

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