Serving where we are called, listening to the spirit and saying NO.


Are you serving in the right ministry? Are you burnout? Do you feel guilty?  Having a hard time changing?  People serving in a church or community seek some type of validation or satisfaction for their efforts.   When we are unsure where we belong, we hesitant to commit. 

Iíve been serving at my local church in a variety of volunteer positions.  This includes different leadership, some experienced, some it was their first ministry.  Regardless of the assignment, there is uncertainty during transitions.   Iím no expert and the longer I serve, the less Iíll declare any knowledge of whatís the right approach as a lay person.

During last couple of years, Iíve primarily did personal studies in the Old Testament, mainly minor prophets.  The perspective and examples given by each of these prophets is amazing and worth studying.   I do my best where Iím called.  Sometimes my passion gets the best of me and the spirit needs to slow me down.  

For years, Iíve prayed for direction and with my recent change of seasons in life ( all my kids graduated from High School).  My free time increased allowing for flexibility in serving.  The Lord called me to help in Childrenís ministry.  Regardless of the call, serving in the ministry or position the Spirit has led you is rewarding.  I donít know how long Iíll serve or help where Iím called.  When itís time to move on, either a different ministry or church, all I ask is God makes it clear. 

Whatís the point of serving?  One of the main reasons is gets the focus off ourselves and onto others.   The current book Iím serving, Ezekiel was called to the Lordís voice to his people during some tough times, Israel had fallen away from following God and Jerusalem was being destroyed for the rebellion.   During this time, God kept Ezekiel quiet for 7 years, (YES 7 YEARS).   As we serve, I draw on scripture for strength and examples.   When seasons of life change and we get a discontent or unsure of our call.  Look at examples in scripture.   There are other examples such as Joseph in Genesis 39, 40.   Paul in Jail and singing (yes singing).   As we hopefully get more wisdom in our older years, we look at examples in scripture to help guide us and have patience, in things we do.  

NOW, to address NO in the title.  We canít be afraid to say no when seeking to serve.   I encourage people to try different things, donít be afraid to fail and move around.   Try different churches, worship styles and find your church home. 

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