“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 2

Louis did an excellent job kicking off his book. He starts chapter 2 with a BIG question…

The most important thing about you is what you think about when you think about God?

This question came from “A. W. Tozer. In his well-known book The Knowledge of the Holy, Tozer says it this way: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

I pondered for a while how I would answer. I struggled early in my walk understanding the trinity. I “got” Jesus role as well as the Holy Spirit.

The “father” role was a bit distant and while I didn’t have a negative perception on the Fathers role when it applied to my personal walk.

There was more understanding I needed to learn. I never compared my earthly father experiences to our Heavenly Father. Louis covers several examples of the “type” of God is…for example, some see God the father as an old guy who could look like Santa, is really nice but not fully in touch with that is happening today. There are others like “Angry God” etc…

God the father covers his role in Colossians 1:16, “All things were made by him and for him.”

That statement on face value seems arrogant as I first read it without a better understanding of our Heavenly Father.

Going back to the original question asked at the top. Our mental image of God goes along way in either helping or hurting our walk. I never thought of it that way until reading this book.

That is a deep question and something I will be praying for help in removing any previous thoughts about our Heavenly Father involved in my life and make sure the accurate image is revealed vs. any preconceived notions.

Another true statement worth chewing on is:

“That’s why God is constantly in the process of revealing Himself. Through His Word, through creation, through the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, and yes, through the influence of godly people around us, God is constantly showing us who He is. God knows the stakes are high because if we don’t know who He truly is, then we could spend our whole lives with the wrong idea of God in mind, living out our days on earth trying to respond to a flawed image of God. That can cause any number of problems.

As I have continued my walk, God reveals new ways of himself that surprise me. A few years back, I was confused by the fathers role in the trinity. I prayed for God to make it simple yet something that would accurately describe each part of the trinity. His answer was:

  • God the father – architect, authority and creator
  • Jesus – operations manager, authority
  • Holy Spirit – daily support manager, authority.

If that seems simple, it is. I have worked in Information technology for 20+ years. I asked him to make simple for me to understand. God is WAY more than what I shared. I know this and get it.

The answer removed barriers in my walk at the time. I encourage anyone with tough questions for God, ask him he is a big boy?!

One of the top Things of chapter two is: The number one image of God that Jesus paints for us again and again is that God is a Father. He is our perfect Abba Father.

On to chapter 3…

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