“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 3

This chapter listed several descriptions of who God can be but would be limiting. I could not believe all the various traits God has about himself but above all else. He is our Father. Jesus ministry discusses this several times.

When reading the various traits and roles God plays covered in beginning of the chapter.

  • Creator
  • Ultimate Judge
  • He is Love, light
  • Among many other things

This got me thinking about my own dad and his roles:

  • Dad to five kids
  • Husband for 59 years
  • Farmer in his later years
  • Truck driver
  • Store clerk
  • Friend, brother, uncle, cousin
  • And he own multiple businesses

My dad was humble and came from the generation that worked. He came from a poor but loving up bringing. By his own admission, it was not always easy but that is all he knew. He said I moved 7 times in one year. My kids are going to grow up in the same house. I got to experience that stability and my other brothers and sisters to this house on county farm when they were young. This upbringing allowed stability in my early years.

As I read chapter three. God introduced more the “father” role which as I listed many traits for my dad, not as many as our Heavenly Father of course.

Jesus covers in John 14:6 “no one comes to the father except through me”. This is important to know and affirms we need to accept Christ as our savior before we can truly have an eternal relationship with God. This statement might not make everyone feel comfortable at first but as you learn while walking with Christ, Gods love is not like an earthly father. It is perfect and we were created to have a relationship with him, as we are made in his image.

“189 times God is mentioned in the Gospels”. Jesus wanted us to be clear we have a Heavenly Father who loves and what his role is in our lives. He fully submitted his role on earth and wanted to do His fathers will, not his.

His will can free us and here is a bold statement said with the authority that only comes from God;

“that the knowledge of our identity as sons and daughters of God unlocks prison doors, heals wounds, and propels us into greater purpose in our lives.”

This is powerful statement and one that shook me and will share during the class.

Much of this chapter introduced God as the father figure, the perfect father.

“In Romans 8:15, the Bible says we, as believers, can use this same title when addressing God: Abba.”

I have heard the term ABBA as one way to address God the father and didn’t really grasp until reading this chapter. A former lead pastor of mine frequently will address in his online posts..ABBA help!

I thought that was kinda of weird to use that description or name for God the father. My eyes were opened during this chapter and I am glad for that new perspective.

To wrap up…Our Heavenly Father is the perfect father, unlike our earthly father, if you had one or not. ABBA is there and loves you more than you know. We just need to accept and grow to realize that, for some that might take the rest of their lives.

On to chapter 4.

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