“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 4

Chapter 4 is another “setup chapter and introduces various “father” types that we could have had or experienced ( i.e. performance where love was conditional based on some metric, grades, how you performed in athletics) in your life.

I did not relate personally to examples listed in the book. I have seen others in my life who fit the descriptions. The stress created on my friends or people I associated with, they didn’t have a unconditional love from the father figure in their life.

The chapter also sets up and introduces “wounds” left from one of the types mentioned in chapter 4. For us to heal and truly fall deep in love. We need to face any shortcomings we associate with our earthly father that could impact us from fully grasping our Heavenly Father. Some people when faced with past hurts don’t truly deal with it.

We mask or try to bury by making statements such as “I’m fine” or “I have forgotten him and it no longer impacts me”

This can be true in some cases where forgiveness has been given in our hearts. That helps but if we have hidden things left unsaid or not dealt with. The enemy will use that against us.

The book touched on wounds and this statement summed up dealing with wounds.

“First, you have to take serious stock of your wounds. I don’t believe, as some do, that the driving factor in all our lives are our “daddy wounds.” I don’t believe every single person has been broken by their earthly dad. Yet, father wounds are real, and for some these wounds are the dominating factor shaping how they view themselves and relate to others.”

For me personally. I didn’t have much unforgiveness in my heart towards my earthly father. My trouble as I became a Christian was accepting my Heavenly Father and his role in my walk. I mentioned in previous posts of trinity, the Heavenly Father role I didn’t get and to some degree I am still learning. Maybe that is why I am teaching this class and learning at the same time.

This book is helping me grow closer as well as I am studying Paul. Jesus used Paul in amazing ways. This is a shorter post but i get the sense upcoming chapter will fully reveal Gods power and further reveal him to us through scripture and open our eyes further.

ABBA my hope as others read through the rest of the book, any hidden wounds are revealed.

Here is a poem called wounds from my second devotional book

Day 40—Wounds

Scripture : John 19:16-30 Poem

Wounds can be physical. Wounds can be mental. Wounds can be eternal. Wounds alter the normal. Wounds alter the original design. Wounds can be to you. Wounds can be to other people. Wounds can change how people perceive. Wounds can change how people act. Wounds take many shapes and sizes.

After a while, you believe the negative thoughts, and it feels like an open wound.
Until we face these wounds, in whatever shape they come. We can’t come to grips with those wounds, and heal. Handing over wounds to Jesus Is a life-changing experience

When you truly forgive wounds, they hurt no more. Yes, if they are physical, they are still there. Jesus shows us that forgiveness is a blessing, Even though this is NOT easy to do.

When you and Jesus work together, Wounds become less apparent, and heal.
“Thank you Jesus, For helping heal my wounds!” Amen!

Story Behind the Poem

I don’t remember the inspiration for this story. When I was writing my first book, 52 Pickup: These are the words I give to you to share with everyone, I reviewed the manuscript over and over. When I came to this story, which was in the original 52 Pickup manuscript, at one point, it didn’t quite seem to fit. After a while, I replaced it with a different story called Perspective. When I realized the theme of Remember the Nails, 40 days of doing something uncomfortable on purpose, this was one of the first stories that came to mind, because it would fit in perfectly. Jesus was permanently wounded and suffered for us, because he loved us. Wounds ARE uncomfortable! I could finally see why this poem didn’t fit before – it was supposed to go in this book instead. I love how that happened! If you have a wound, I hope when you look at it, Jesus has Wounds and he did it for you.

On to chapter 5…

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