“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 6

After finishing chapter 5, my soul was on fire to be baptized in more “oneness” with my Heavenly Father. Louis asked tough questions and necessary to make us feel more vulnerable.

Topics such as forgiveness and our family tree is non-negotiable. Louis gracefully discusses these topics and shares some personal experiences from his life. I liked this part where he wants to have readers get to know him more personally.

This style is relatable as our Heavenly Father wants be in union with us. For me personally, forgiveness is a near and dear topic. I haven’t always been the best and when I first accepted Christ, the first two poems in my book 52 Pickup : these are the words I give you to share with everyone” were titled:

1) Anger

2) Bitterness.

I accepted Christ at age of 35. That gave me 17 years of adulthood and 15 years of marriage with a family to develop bad habits. Even years later, the power of forgiveness is something I am just starting to grasp. I could continue for a long while on this topic!

I will leave you with this question…

“So, I gently ask: Is your refusal to forgive your dad bringing you more peace or more hurt? Is it helping you move forward or is it always pulling you back into the past? Has unwillingness to forgive led you to the freedom you hoped it would, or is it unsettling to your heart?”

Louis highlights a couple of concepts new to me. He talks about “new family tree” when we accept Jesus. This new family tree has “spiritual DNA” unlike our earthly DNA.

I never thought about when accepting the Christ and the Holy Spirit enters your life. Your spirit becomes a bright light and a target for the enemy in the spiritual realm. Knowing we have to mature, the enemy tried to hold us back.

When I first became a Christian. I was on fire! That is an exciting time. When the newness wore off. Doubts and guilt started to crop up. The maturity process had started to take hold.

God wanted me to grow and rely on him more. I became a part of a new family with total love as the end result. Eternal love by our heavenly father is a concept we can not grasp. As I was typing this. I had a picture come to mind!

“Jesus standing in a robe with a big smile, arms open saying welcome to the family”

I am amazed after chapter 5 we could “take a turn” towards heavy topics with grace. Like our Heavenly Father, who has many traits we will never fully grasp and understand.

The enemy will use our shortcomings against us and try to distract from growing our relationship with God the father.

I want to end this summary. These posts are personal reflection and I appreciate Louis outline so far in the book.

We are not overwhelmed by any one topic and is gradually help us become more familiar with our Heavenly Father. I appreciate that and I know behind the scenes the Holy Spirit is help guide thoughts as the books was written..

On to chapter 7…

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