“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 9

Ok deep breath Steve…last two chapters were amazing revealing our Heavenly Father. Scripture examples abound and make me smile more than ever.Am I excited. You darn sure I am!!

At the beginning of the chapter discusses about us becoming like our father.

At some point, wearing dress socks with tennis shoes like Dad used to doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea after all.

I laughed so hard and if anyone knows me. I might have posted a picture on the internet with white socks and sandals. Or maybe 100….

On a more serious note…becoming like our Heavenly Father is a journey. The enemy would like to convince we have failed if our transformation doesn’t happen overnight. That is a lie and an attempt to cause anxiety and stress.

“we’ve talked about already, you have two family trees. It also means you have two birth certificates. One is earthly, one heavenly. On one is the date and place you entered this world. On the other is the date and place you put your faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life.”

As that statement mentions. Once we declare a spiritual birth. God places his spirit within us and revival takes hold.

We have declared to everyone in the natural and spiritual realm God is our father and small battles happen now that you are resistance. We have the same power in us who raised Christ. With one whisper, the enemy has to flee. We need to lean on our father more than ever.

He will protect his children. A stern reminder sin passes down from generation to generation and when we decide to stop this behavior. The enemy has witnessed generation after generation.

“last phrase of Numbers 14:18, “He visits the iniquity of the fathers upon their children to the third and fourth generation.” The word visits in this verse has a simple and clear meaning—that the father’s sins have a way of showing up for a visit in the lives of their kids. Sometimes the visit comes a day later and at other times ten years down the road. But at some point, it’s likely there’s going to be a knock at the door, and Dad’s sin is going to be looking to stay for a while.”

I personally could identify with this statement and your decision to follow Christ example has consequences well beyond our generation. My own dad modeled Christ walk the last several years of his life. I reference his testimony often when I am writing or speaking to people.

My hope for my own family and generations to come use the words God have given me in their own walk! I never thought like that until now and this chapter has turn my eyes to the future.

We are free in our faith and encourages to leave our past behind. The chapter reminds again about our amazing father and traits about him. We are not our old selves and he wants us to leave our past behind. There is a persistent enemy who wants to keep us down.

When we find comfort in letting God lead, things turn out so much better. 15 years in my walk? I still have doubts, and catch myself trying to go at some challenge along. After a prompt or six from the Holy Spirit. I am reminded to pray and ask for guidance. Amazing 😉 how things work out.

I will finish with this blessing at the end of the chapter.

“You, my friend, are a uniquely designed, wonderfully created, dearly loved son—or daughter—of a perfect Father. And, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).”

When in doubt…read this statement out loud or say outloud John 3:16 or your favorite verse.

God bless…thank you so much for using Louis up until now…my perspective has changed to involve you and your amazing infinite wisdom in my daily walk.

On to chapter 10…

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