“Not Forsaken” book by Louis Giglio chapter 10

Hey bud, you have any mushed-up peas, or something I can eat from a baby food jar?

Chapter 10 starts out with a good and thought provoking question. At first, I didn’t know where Louis was going. We have had nine amazing chapters then a concept talking about baby food.

What the heck???

God wants to participate in our lives. Even in the boring parts..

But if we simply stay at the level of the first blessing, then our lives stagnate. We miss out on the blessings of becoming spiritual adults and tapping into all the potential that is woven into us at the moment of spiritual birth.

God the father wants us to grow and Louis challenges us to grow in our walk, which takes risks. I have read dozens of books yet never blogged on each chapter. This post will stay around long after I have become obsessed with the next challenge God puts me on.

At the time of typing this. I am about a month from the class from starting. ( sept 2020) Our country is in uncertain times and who only knows what will happen. This class will be completely remote so that is challenging.

I want people to really grasp there is nothing more important than having your Heavenly Father involved in your life. The previous nine chapters spelled that out for me.

If you choose to stay semi-distracted and let the temporary chaos the world offers. You won’t fully realize the plans he has for you.

In some ways, I am still an immature Christian and can do better. I hope you take my statements not as lecturing as much as the past nine chapters has lit a fire 🔥. The creator who has infinite power, wisdom and is madly in love with you!

Louis does a great job for bringing all of this together.

Maybe we’re prone to lustful thoughts in our heads, or angry thoughts, or downcast thoughts. That’s our old self at work. To become spiritually mature, we have to soak our minds constantly in the truths of Scripture. First Peter 1:13 tells us to “prepare our minds for action” (esv). Psalm 101:3 encourages us to “set no worthless thing before [our] eyes”

Through the rest of the chapters I am reminded to continue to seek God in everything.

He won’t disappoint and based on the statement above. We need to take action to overcome our old habits. I know that statement hit home.

This process doesn’t happen instantly and is a slow, gradual process. I have had the pleasure to be used by God to help people along in their walk. God used people early in my walk to help guide, provide that reassurance I am going to be ok and continue to seek God.

As in a previous post. God the father as a little distant until recently when I learned all the poems I have written in the six books I wrote were “love letters directly from the father”. Not Jesus, not the Holy Spirit. Directly from the throne. Talk about a “wow” moment. Until I read this book and typed many thoughts out did that statement and I finally get it. My father in Heaven has the answer to everything. I just need to ask and involve him. Will you let him? I am certainly going to try?!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my additional topics and observations about this book. It was yet another small step in my walk but I am going to adjust my devotions and prayers to seek him first.

Here is the theme verse from my latest book.

Seek – Lead more by example, less by opinion.”

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭nasb

God thank you for this blog series. I needed this and you were patient with me. I will try to involve you even more now that I realize my eyes needed to be opened even more!

Amen! 🙏

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