Configuring IISLogs 4.0 to work with UAC (User Account Control)

Configuring IISLogs 4.0 to work with UAC (User Account Control)

Download IISLogs 4.0 Registry files

This article covers how to use IISLogs 4.0 while UAC (UAC Account Control) is enabled.  UAC provides additional security.  IISlogs 4.0 will work when one of the following options is implemented.  For more information about UAC, click here.

IISLogsEXE Stand-Alone EXE uses a configuration file called IISLogsEXE.exe.config, IISLogsSVC Windows Service uses IISLogsSVC.exe.config.  Both programs use a file called IISLogspPerDirectory.xml, which stores Per Directory information.  IISLogsGUI is used to strictly manage these files.  When you first install IISLogs, then launch IISLogsGUI, a feature called “QuickConfig” checks for a file called QuickWizardComplete.txt located InstallDirLogsQS.  Our intention is to present a Quick Config when first configuring IISLogs.  Quick Config reads the local IIS Metabase (Requires the IIS 6 Metabase Compatiblity Role Service), which retrieves a list of sites that can be managed.   The “Quick Config” wizard walks through common configuration items.  After “Quick Config” is complete, IISLogsGUI writes to the QuickWizardComplete.txt file.  QuickConfig can be used in future instances within IISLogsGUI, but won’t be presented when IISLogsGUI is used.  

UAC (user account control) prevents access reading or writing to the registry unless using elevated permissions.  If you are trying to configure IISLogs using the default UAC, you’ll get some unexpected behavior including errors.   I’ve tried to highlight the reason why along with screenshots.    These symptoms and errors occur right after installing either IISLogsEXE or IISLogsSVC and running IISLogsGUI.

Assuming you have websites configured on your server, the QuickConfig wizard will not display any sites, here is a screen shot.  This is because IISLogsGUI can’t read the metabase.   To get by this issue, click cancel twice to get IISLogsGUI to display. 

After you have clicked cancel twice, IISLogsGUI will come up.  When you try to configure any settings, an error will be displayed.   There is a few things happening, 1) Access to Write to configuration files mentioned above is denied 2) IISLogsGUI can’t write to the “Logs” folder under InstallFolderIISLogsSVC4 or InstallFolderIISLogsEXE4.  

At this point, IISLogs is not in a very usable state.  Many features such as “Auto-Add” will not function because access to Metabase is denied.  Other functionality will be restricted as well. 

Here are a few options.  Before proceeding with any of the options listed, we strongly recommend you perform this in a non-production to determine the best settings.

Add to Registry

1) Our recommended approach is add IISLogs processes to the AppCompatFlags registry key.  This allows programs to run under Administrator Privileges.   The only thing added to the system is multiple registry keys.  This can be either done manually or using Group Policy.  We’ve included the registry entries that need to be added.  We’ve provide sample registry files within the setup files when IISLogs is downloaded.  Please view the install location before adding to your machine.

For IISLogs 4.0 IISLogs StandAlone Exe

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAppCompatFlagsLayers]
“C:\Program Files (x86)\IISLogsEXE4\IISLogsGUI.exe”=”RUNASADMIN”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\IISLogsEXE4\IISLogsEXE.exe”=”RUNASADMIN”

For IISLogs 4.0 Service edition

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAppCompatFlagsLayers]
“C:\Program Files (x86)\IISLogsSVC4\IISLogsSVC.exe”=”RUNASADMIN”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\IISLogsSVC4\IISLogsGUI.exe”=”RUNASADMIN”

2) You can disable UAC on the system all together.   Depending on your company policies, if UAC is disable IISLogs 4.0 will act as normal.

If you have any further questions, errors that are occurring regarding UAC.  Please contact us at  

Thank you,

Steve Schofield
Windows Server MVP – IIS
Log Archival Solution.
Install, Configure, Forget

IISpeed is a port of Google’s mod_PageSpeed designed to work with Microsoft”s IIS server software


This looks real interesting and I thought I’d pass along. 

IISpeed is a port of Google’s mod_PageSpeed designed to work with Microsoft’s IIS server software. IIS is one of the most popular servers on the web, powering millions of web-sites, and we are excited to bring the full power of PageSpeed optimization to the Windows platform.

IISpeed works by minification and compression of HTML-code and resources, reducing the time spent while waiting for the transfer of a webpage to complete. At the same time IISpeed reduces the total number of requests, lowering server load and reducing waiting time even further. In practice, this translates to higher conversion rates, better end user experience and lowered server- and bandwidth needs.

For developers it does not matter which technology is used. Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP all work with IISpeed.  

IISpeed was developed by We-Amp, a Dutch startup. The team at We-Amp works closely with Google on an NGINX port. All members have a strong background in web optimization. For example, in the past they also architected and implemented a proprietary port of mod_pagespeed to Apache Traffic Server.

IISpeed now has an open beta running. The software can be downloaded from

More information:


What do you believe?

This story is about helping you think about what you believe. There are those who don’t believe in anything. There are those who believe, can’t see what they believe, but have faith in what they believe.  Those who don’t believe in anything are so paranoid about those who believe, it causes all kinds of unbelief.  Not sure why those who don’t believe get so crazy.  Those who believe want those who don’t believe to believe.  This causes more paranoia and the person who doesn’t believe to feel uneasy.  Those who don’t believe and those who do will eventually go somewhere, not sure where, not sure when.  This riddle is not meant to convince others, promote one side or another.  Those who don’t believe can’t be convinced until they are ready to believe, hope that time comes before they are unable to believe. 

In closing, what do you believe?  Why do you believe?  What things happened in your life to cause you to believe in what you believe? Be comfortable with your choice in what you believe, because only you can control what you believe, unless the one who the ones who believe chooses you for his work. Your work might turn into trying to convince those who don’t believe and try to help them believe.   You use your story of not believing to those who don’t believe and hope they eventually believe.  I hope if you are reading this story, it makes you think about what you believe.  Believe it or not, you will make a choice.

God bless,


An Update to this:  While in church on Palm Sunday (3/24), the pastors announced it was passion week.  On Palm Sunday, Jesus road into Jerusalem, people laying down palm branches shouting his name Hosanna as mentioned in John 12:12-19. I had the prompt for this story a few days earlier after reading a story on some non-believers.   The story covered multiple religions and their take on a particular topic, not sure what the topic was in the article.   This frustrated me someone knocking peoples belief in Jesus, I took it a little personal.  One of my temptations I need to stay away from is non-believers and their sarcasm.  Its not my place to argue with non-believers, it does no good.  All I can do is give my testimony and share what Jesus has done in my life.  I heard a neat saying from a former atheist who stated, they would rather be in the circle of people learning and seeking answers than sitting on the outside, complaining waiting for answers.  It went something to that effect.  I also had the prompt this would be the opening phrase or discussion in the 3rd devotional book (One Reason : 21 days to a new beginning).   These little prompts really are cool when God uses them, I get so excited I want to share everything and know there is a time and place when this story will be told.  For goodness sakes, its still being written.  Anywho, enjoy the riddle! 

Remember the Nails update

Met with my Graphics Artist on the second book called “Remember the Nails : 40 days of doing something uncomfortable on purpose”

He provided some initial proofs, which are awesome and I wanted to share. I asked my wife, I shouldn’t share until it’s completely ready. It’ll be a little bit before the cover is ready. Check back in a month.

Stay tuned


I think Clean Slate has been replaced with One Reason as the title

More on the title laterMarch is here, in the Steve Schofield book, its spring although there is several inches of snow at my house.   Itll be gone soon.  The last couple of weeks have been good while I continue to train for the Triathlon.  It still seems far off and God continues to provide good health and ambition to work out.  I spent a week not swimming since I was out of town attending a conference.  I was able to continuing running on the elliptical and even tried the tread mill.  There is a world of difference in running.  The second day of training, I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and tried 18 minutes on the treadmill.  I was able to run honestly 1 to 2 minutes max.  I felt led to start the program (couch to 5k) over, but running outdoors.  When I returned from my conference, the weather was nice enough to run around Baldwin lake, a 2.2 mile lake within the town of Greenville.  I did the first program, which is 5 minutes walking and then intervals of 1 minute run followed by 1 minute 30 seconds walking.  After 2.24 miles, my pace was 9:59 per mile.  I was blown away as I did a 5 k walk earlier and averaged 17 minutes.   Im not sure the first one counted, but at least 17 minutes per mile was where I had to start.  Im hoping by mid-April I can run outside three days a week along with biking 10 12 miles three days a week.  My goal is to be able to perform both exercises biking and running together.  This will help understand how tired Id be, pray for good weather.   PS The funny part when I told my wife, she said thats all, I thought youd do at least eight minutes.  I like her high hopes for me, I was a little disappointed at first, but realized 8 minutes per mile would be awesome! 

Oh yea, then there is the swimming part.  I continue to make baby steps and realize I cant make it 1/4 mile yet.  One of the drills I found on the web was called pencil drill, it was meant to float face down in the water and slowly kick to see how far you float after pushing off the wall.  This turned into me doing what I call thirds.  I divided the pool into thirds and worked on freestyle swimming technique.  Each time, I would swim four strokes, stop, breath and start again.  It surprisingly made me realize I could swim the length of the pool quickly.  This past week was my first to complete this drill. Each time, I finished 10 laps.  I need to be able to do 13 for a 1/4 mile.  Im getting more comfortable with my face in the water although when I get winded, my technique slips.  On Fridays, Im focusing on drills.  I walked through the water practicing four strokes, breath.  Its what people have labeled, muscle memory.   My body is still developing this memory, hope it comes soon!

Ill keep after it. I finished the 7th week on the elliptical, It has me walking 10 minutes and 25 minutes of jogging.  Im excited to get outside and start training.  Ive been slacking on bike training, its one thing to ride on the spin bike, its another to get outside. 

In summary, the title I think has changed from Clean Slate : 21 days to a new beginning to One Reason : 21 days to a new Beginning.   Well see if that sticks.  Im doing this for one reason, God suggested I do it plus describes the journey.  Im hoping the next week coming will have me getting into rhythm being able to put everything together swimming wise.   Keep on praying and stay tuned.  More to come

Orchestrator 2012 web service reference

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been involved in the SCCM 2007/2012 realm and automation in general.  One of the other products within the System Center family is System Center Orchestrator 2012, which helps with automation.   One of the things that interests me is System Center 2012 – Orchestrator Web Service reference

I’m trying to learn more in-depth, my latest adventure is trying to make all my calls from PowerShell to the web service to perform actions within Runbooks.   I hope future articles can go more in-depth. 

For introduction, there is a PowerShell module hosted on CodePlex which provides a good starter module.  This article isn’t meant to teach PowerShell, I download the module and put in %SystemRoot%System32WindowsPowerShellv1.0Modules in a folder called Orchestrator and rename the module to Orchestrator.psm1

Here is the code I currently use to connect and retrieve information.

Import-Module Orchestrator
$Cred = Get-Credential
$URL = http://Server:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc/

#Folder with the Runbook folders
$RunBookPath = “Automation.0”
$Runbook = Get-OrchestratorRunbook -serviceurl $url -runbookpath $RunBookPath -credentials $Cred

Clean Slate : Week 4

This has been a productive week.  I went from swimming on my back doing the back stroke to using a kick board.  It doesnt feel comfortable, performing freestyle is necessary to complete the swimming portion of a triathlon.  A good friend shared a few drills, which Im training with now.   One inspiration this week and appears to be my theme verse for Clean Slate is Hebrews 11:8-11.  As I type this, I still cant swim freestyle more than 1/2 lap in a swimming pool, that is dreadful and makes me wonder, but Ill keep after it.  Putting together swimming stroke, breathing and good form is the goal on the swimming portion.  I admire those who can, breathing in the water is a challenge!  I have faith Ill over come.

Entered the 4th week of running, Couch to 5k is an amazing 9 week program, the intervals are gradual enough, it can take someone like me who didnt like running and look forward to that workout.  This week had the running more than walking.  I peaked in the 5th week, the running portion has two 8 minutes intervals.  That is close to running 2 miles.  Me, running two miles, yeah right. Its encouraging.  On the biking portion, Im going to get my own Spinning bike, I enjoy working out in the comfort of my own home than at a club. 

Training twice a day 4 days this week takes a lot of time, energy.  Im over the hurdle of doing exercise on a regular interval, its a matter of juggling everything else in life and continue train.. I admire people who train for these events, it provides a new perspective because I honestly cant imagine finishing, let alone trying to win an event. 

In conclusion, the adventure continues, week 4 in the books.  The theme verse and trying new things in swimming highlight the week and I think will help take steps forward in becoming like I can finish 1/4 mile swimming.  In a week or so, Ill be traveling so training will be interesting! 

Keep on battling,