About my Dad : Storm

Poem 27 : Storm

Scripture : Matthew 14:22-36


They come in many shapes and sizes
No two are alike
People with lots of education try to predict them
They are right only so often
Lots of technology tries to help us be more accurate
Even then, it’s only slightly better
With all the experience, predictions and technology
Nothing can slow them down or stop altogether
In bad storms, we are advised to take shelter
These shelters help shield the worst
Anything in its path is consumed
Many times, total destruction is the result
In life, storms are much like the weather
We can prepare, we can educate ourselves
Sooner or later we all face them
Something that seems too big to comprehend
We are not sure about making it
Concern, fear and uncertainty show up
These feelings consume our every thought
In the eye of the storm, a temporary calm happens
We’ve weathered the storm, a brief reprieve
A small still voice reminds us He is there
Through every challenge, every worry
He will not leave or forsake us
The next time a storm hits your life
Remember Jesus and what he did for us
Where two or more meets, he is there
He can bring calm like an eye of the storm
Thank you, Jesus, for being there always
Bringing yourself and heavens armies to protect us


Story Behind the Poem

A friend from church was having surgery. It was rather involved and the insurance wasn’t cooperating. In pursuit to have the best place perform the procedure, the insurance wasn’t being helpful. This can only add anxiety, worry to the situation. Instead of focused 100% on the situation, a distraction presented itself in the middle of the storm.

I was reading a book that described an example how God can protect us from the enemy. Imagine being surrounded by a circle of angels protecting and blessing us. The enemy couldn’t proceed through the protection to try to inflict doubt, concern or worry. I prayed that image for my friend. May God use these words to bless them.

Additionally, our pastor was doing a sermon on the power of words. I was encouraged by the scripture examples our pastor used. It brought me back to when my kids were growing up. I didn’t know how I was going to make it at times, life was depressing. Then my Dad and Mom had encouraging words. Watching your kids grow up and realize you are their parents, your words can help encourage whatever storm they might be facing, big or small. Jesus’s example in Matthew 14, where he walks on water and has the power to ‘calm’ the seas demonstrates He can calm any storm in our lives. Positive words can calm storms in your loved ones lives.

About my Dad : Trust

This is from my second book called Remember the Nails : 40 Days doing something uncomfortable on purpose.

Day 34—Trust

Scripture : Exodus 20:16, Luke 16:10, Proverbs 11:3, Romans 12:3, 1 Timothy 1:19, Proverbs 12:5


Trusting a little is easy
Not revealing the whole truth is easy

Easy becomes safe
People like safe

Safe is comforting to the soul
People feel good when they are safe

When people are uncomfortable
They don’t trust much

They revert to methods to become comfortable again
Some spend their whole life looking for trust

Once trust is broken
It is real hard to get that back

There are many ways to break someone’s trust
One of the ways is to lie

Not telling the whole truth is lying
How can you trust someone really

If they don’t tell the whole truth
When you are not around

They tell the other parts they were holding inside
To a group of others who in turn spread gossip

Once gossip starts, the hearts true deceit can be revealed
Gossip is one of the true enemies of trust

People like to talk,
Gossip is one way to make conversation

Honest conversation is sometimes hard to do
As people form attitudes and opinions

When this happens, people have to really examine their heart
They need to look at their inner self

They need to remember who to trust
Men and Women will let you down.

When someone lets you down, it’s hard to trust
Trust is a fragile thing

Through trials and tribulations trust can be formed and strengthened
When you find a small group to share your life with

Trust can be nurtured and bonds can be made
Trust, Honesty, Integrity are foundational aspects of a relationship

So remember when around people, trust isn’t necessarily earned from the start
As when accepting Jesus as your savior

You know you want something different
Learning to unlearn your old ways and trust him takes time

Like accepting others in a group
Trust will come as long as you examine your own hearts intentions

Don’t be afraid to be honest, as long as it’s to build up, not to tear down
This is where a person can really start to trust


Story Behind the Poem

I was spending the weekend with my family and through various conversations and prayer for our small group. The word TRUST came to my heart and also (love). I prayed for guidance and how to start the small group. I saw the side of my Dad had a couple things on his heart, along with mine. Judgment came very swiftly. It was funny God trusted me enough to download the poems he had gifted me with. One of the key words I hadn’t written about was TRUST. I was inspired by God and he let me borrow someone’s internet long enough to download the poems and hit one page worth of key scripture on the word trust. I examined my own heart, I struggle with focusing on a negative of a person and it just festers. Other crutches I continue to hold onto the baggage for whatever reason I can’t explain.

About my Dad – Waves

This poem is from my third book called One Reason : 21 Days to a new Beginning!

Day 18 – The Waves

Scripture : Mark 4:35-41,Matthew 8:23-27,Luke 8:22-25


Waves are rhythm to the oceans
They have continual motion

Some are big, some are small
Some are long, some are tall

They carry energy to shape things
They are constant and never-ending

Life is like a wave
With pressure from outside factors

It forms a shape and constantly moves
Until its hits land

It makes a mark and disappears
Another wave right behind does the same thing

Not quite the same way
But with similar force

Over time, wave after wave
Things are shaped and molded

Waves are used to describe things in our lives
“Are we on the same wavelength?”

If we are, things seem to go smoothly
If we are not, things tend to crumble

Much like when waves pound a coastline
Over time, it is shaped and eroded away

There is something left, not like the original
There are times when different waves impact people

They challenge us, they change our lives
Some seem so big, we can’t ride them out

We have to become like the thrill seekers
Who want to ride the next big wave

Big wave after big wave
And still stay on top of the board of life

God will be there every step of the way
Providing balance and strength

We might not understand at first
It’s scary riding the Big wave

We have a constant feeling we are going to fall off
We don’t think about succeeding

Fear grips us so tightly
We don’t think about anything else

Although it might be larger than we are used to
And when the one wave ends, another wave will be right behind it

Seeking God’s glory is the ultimate wave
It starts small and grows

When it hits land, we need to hold on
The enemy will try to keep us down

He will instill fear and doubt
God wants us to grab the board, run back out into the water

Seek another wave, and “get on the same wavelength” as Him
Each stage of life is like a wave

We get going and sometimes get knocked off
We pick up ourselves, get back up and try again

The enemy is as persistent as waves are to a shoreline
He’ll try to shape us to his likening, which is opposite of God’s

We need to put our faith in riding God’s wave
There will be many over time, but one thing is for sure

God’s waves and wavelength are two things we want to be on
Looking at it from an eternal view, you’ll be glad you did

Hang on tight while riding the surfboard of life
One day we’ll finish riding

To walk into Glory and hang with God
Forever and ever!


Story Behind the Poem

On the last day of vacation, just before we were ready to head home, I looked out the window and noticed the waves. Almost instantly, I knew the good Lord wanted to use waves as a story.  The day before, I found out my Dad was going in for his first cancer treatment. I knew it was going to cause a new wave of anxiety. For my Dad, it’s another wave to ride.  After reading about waves and how they worked, I realized how we used the words “waves” and “wavelength” to describe things in our lives.

Poem : A fathers love

Poem : A father’s love

Scripture : Psalm 103:13


A father’s voice is comforting
With gentle authority given by our Heavenly father

He places individuals in the right location
To watch over his children while on earth

A father knows, you don’t have all the answers
No matter what happens, he states with my help, you will be ok

You might stumble at first, you might be a little uneasy.
Don’t fret, don’t panic, don’t give up.

I’m right beside you
Helping always, giving encouragement

Providing protection when needed
Allowing you to learn when the opportunity arises

Through many stages of life
There comes a time when you let me go

You are still there when needed
Not as often as when I first started

You help me in a different way
You pray and allow me to fail on my own

I think back when I first started
You were there, helping, guiding

You weren’t perfect, I now realize that a bit more
In a simple, loving way, I’m glad God had you there

A father’s loves is unique, firm but fair
Thank you Heavenly father, for sending me my Dad

It’s only for a while, but his instruction
Helped me become the Dad, I’m am today

Story Behind the Poem

I really started this day, Father’s Day June 18th, 2017 being attacked by up to seven, maybe more as I read a book called Defeating Dark Angels by Charles Kraft. The lies the enemy was telling me I was inadequate, contributed to me being bored, which causes me to be restless, my obsessiveness kicks in feeling like I need to achieve something to feel worthy, the enemy reminded me of my past failures, which contributes to insecurity.

All this yet, as I used some of the techniques I’ve learned in spiritual warfare books by Charles Kraft and Wellsprings International. The Holy Spirit revealed his indescribable words of love, transformation, patience, unconditional steady voice knowing to instill confidence. The Holy Spirit will say in a small still voice, you don’t have all the answers and yet the confidence to say I’m with you during the trial and will help give patience, help each step of the way. The enemies’ words don’t have the same tone and definitely don’t have love.

As I started writing a short saying, this poem came out. It had me reflect as a father as my kids are starting out in life, I reflected to my childhood, there are some unknowns as the Holy Spirit will reveal these when it’s appropriate. A father’s authority is important, yet it requires firm, but fair love, humbleness yet trust in God providing certainty in uncertain moments.  There is a lot more uncertainty in life than certainty, it only took a few years to have that understanding.

Poem : Cindy

Poem : Cindy

Scripture Proverbs 31:10-31


God showed me once again your gifts
You are kind, patient in your own way

You think of others before yourself
You remember things others forget

You’re steady, consistent in things you do
When you set your mind to something

Get out of the way, there is no stopping you
You have simple view of things, straight and to the point

The Lord joined us together in his great plan
We are to do life together on earth

We are opposites
With God’s love, we don’t get in each other’s way

The enemy reminds me of many things
I can’t fix this, can’t build that

All the enemy reminds me is the things I can’t do
There is no love or compassion in anything they say

On the other hand, God reminds he loves me
He tells me all the time of the gifts I have

One of them is writing to you
It’s not something everyone can do

I guess that is the definition of special
Perform something not many others can do

One day, God may have me do this more
Until then, I can write, pray for you

This reflects God’s love
Just like you, your love and compassion are awesome

It’s a simple gift God shows me everyday
I love you, more than words can describe


Story Behind the Poem

My wife is a selfless person. She thinks of others first, ask anyone who knows her. She’ll drop what she’s doing to help others. Unlike myself, who usually thinks of myself first. I’ll be out to dinner, they bring an appetizer, I’ll start eating without sharing with others. I’m just enjoying the food. She’ll give me that look, “what about others?” she’ll ask with her loving voice and particular look?! On occasion, she’ll have a couple of young kids spend the night, I think overall, she doesn’t get much rest because she is worried about them getting sleep. Unlike me, I go to sleep and wake up refreshed, she has caught a wink here and there. There is just something about her that is endearing, there is a love and a feeling of pride knowing she is a Gift from above.  I could brag all day about her gifts, her selfless and would protect her so she could continue if necessary, it’s special and worth bragging a little about.