Share your story of doing something uncomfortable on purpose

I’m finishing up my manuscript for my second book called “Remember the Nails : 40 days of doing something uncomfortable on purpose”. I’m looking for up to 4 individuals willing to write a paragraph or two about what makes them feel uncomfortable.

The book is broken up into 4 sections containing 10 poems in each section. I’d like to lead each section with something from people and their story. Would this be something you would be interested in? I can share the manuscript so u can see if you want. We can do it even anonymous. Ping me in email at or facebook me if you’d like to explore this idea. I’m hoping to have the book published by 6/1/2013

A prayer for our world on a random day




Matthew 17:20, 6:24


Lord I come to you in two ways
One to express my own despair about our world and the impact it has on me

Secondly, on the worlds behalf
In both cases, only you can fix

I read one article
The article shows some hope, mostly despair

I read other headline
There is last minute scrambling

I read yet another headline
It ended in death

In all three examples
No hope, only despair

I’m reading other headlines, it’s about religion
Lets take God out of the public eye

I know religion is man-made,
Rules that men try to live up to but fail

All that is left is despair
Why does man think they know best

They claim to be wise
Yet when left to their own devices

All that is left is despair, no hope, no joy
Just sharp divisions among men

The only thing that seems to solve problems is money
There is not enough to go around

As your word states, you can’t serve two masters
You’ll love one and despise the other

It is “so” depressing when reading news
It impacts me so deeply, words can’t describe it

I still wonder how these words help others
I’m sure one day you’ll reveal that to me

My heart grows hard reading news by men
It makes you want to crawl into a cave and hibernate until the second coming

War here, poverty there, lack of resources everywhere
Only a few seem to have enough, and that isn’t enough for them

How can one protect his eyes from such despair
How can one protect his heart from such hopelessness

There is a small glimmer of hope
That resides in me things will get better

The world offers only temporary relief
Relief from such an unbalance

I know the world will never be at peace
When they don’t acknowledge the true peace

Liberals want it both ways, freedom from conservatism
Yet, they want it their way

When so many want it their own way
No way is the only way that happens

No progress, No peace, No satisfaction
My heart yearns to hand over ALL of this dissatisfaction to you

Prayer is a gift from you
I know from first hand experience it works

In all cases, big and small
We have to hand over all

Let you resolve in your own time
We need patience and forgiveness

The last few weeks, a lot has happened
In the next weeks, a lot will happen

If I don’t regularly have a conversation with you
The hopelessness I feel will return

I pray for you to remain active in our world and mine
When this happens, all other things are just details

Things seem to just work themselves out
I’m not quite sure how, it just does

I pray for those who don’t understand how this works
I pray for those who don’t think to pray

I pray for those who haven’t experienced the joy prayer brings
I pray for those who don’t acknowledge you

Men want it now and their way
It’s not how it works

I know that yet my heart wants to be selfish
Prayer is a great mystery, Prayer works, give it time

I end how I began, I pray for two things
I pray for the ability to hand despair over to you

Our world realizes it doesn’t know best
And will wake up and realize if you don’t learn from the past

You are doomed to repeat it.
We are headed down that path

A mustard seed of hope will go along ways
Our world could use a jar of that today and beyond.


Story behind the poem:

This story hit home one day after reading a story about technology.  I work in IT and the next operating system came out, it was somewhat hopeful, yet there was divisions who want things to remain the same and others who criticize the change.  Keeping up with change is challenging sometimes. 

Secondly, the “fiscal” cliff talks going on in our world can only cause hopelessness and despair.  What reputation a once great nation is gone, for good.  The last story I read was a young lady was raped and eventually died.  All three stories seem to drive home the point something greater than us needs to handle this, although if you talk to some non-believers (mostly atheists), all they do is talk science, prove this and prove that.  I’d challenge them to try prayer on for size, it’ll work, things seem to resolve themselves when we honestly hand them over to God.  I’ve experience this first hand, no one can convince me otherwise.  Although, on this side of heaven, I’m impacted by the sheer negative driven world we live in and lose hope sometimes. 

I have to remember to protect my eyes and more importantly my heart.  If left unattended, the hopelessness will ruin any sense of normalcy and “the glass half full” mentality will effect everything we do.  I wonder sometimes the impact these stories have on others.  I hope they provide some “hope” and feeling they have a God that loves them and is willing to come along side them in their everyday, ho-hum lives.   Back to regular scheduled programming!

A random devotional

First off, I want to thank the Holy Spirit for prompting me to write this and Jesus for being my Lord and savior. I was driving to work one morning and had a suggestion about writing devotionals. I thought it was a passing thought and didn’t think much of it. Then one morning, I literally woke up and felt a sense of urgency to get a devotional written. On occasion, I’ll be talking with God and mention, if you want me to do something, please make it obvious. This is such an occasion where I feel the strong desire to share how accepting Jesus as my savior changed my life

I get a daily email from Chuck Swindoll from Insight for today ( . He sends an email 6 days a week with very enriching messages. On a side note, God has really touched this man with the Gift to share the word. I strongly suggest people subscribe to some type of medium that shares the word. My profession has me using email often; I found the daily emails to be effective. This might not work for everyone. If you aren’t sure, you should pray for God to show you a method that does have you exposed to the word daily.

I don’t recall where I read this, but you should be prepared at all times to share your testimony on a moments notice. That got me thinking, what if someone asked me? What would I say? Here are three reasons.

  • Heavenly Peace
  • Perspective
  • Attitude

Can you list reasons why? Here they are.

1) Heavenly Peace. It helped change me inside out and bring inner peace. There is a song on the radio that talks about peace. Well, I’m sure there are many songs, but this particular one mentions how accepting Jesus will bring heavenly peace. Like in Matthew 11:28-30

28(Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

29“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and )YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.

30“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Sounds pretty good eh? When life has you down and the news continually preaches fear. I’m all for looking for a better way. I think this particular passage sums things up pretty clearly. PS: You’ll find the bible contains many ‘clear’ messages.

2) Perspective – Sometimes referred to as ‘World View’. Pastor Joel had a series of sermons on having a Christen World view. After reading the One Year Bible, I realized eternity is a long time and I wanted to be with Jesus. In
Matthew 25:33:
“He will place the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left.”.
Any person with a bit of common sense would go; I want to be a sheep!

3) Attitude – Probably the most challenging is adjusting my attitude. Pride pretty much gets in the way of everything. In my younger years, I was known not to have the most positive attitude. If a particular activity wouldn’t go my way, I made sure to make things hard on those who were in authority. This could be coaches, teachers or just a person in-charge. I recently printed off a saying Chuck Swindoll did a few years ago. Here is a link to that contains the say. I suggest you print this poem off, put in a high-traffic area so it reminds you often. I put a copy in my cube. When things become stressful, I glance over and this reminds me to refresh my attitude. My favorite saying in Chuck’s attitude poem is “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

When you accept Christ Jesus as your savior, the Holy Spirit moves in and help you transform your life. All I know, if a person who is an unbeliever or someone ‘watching me’ waiting for the ‘Jesus fad’ to go away. I doubt the three items I listed will be covered in-depth when discussing how accepting Jesus changed my life. That is why I like about being able to list three powerful reasons. If someone asks me ‘why’, I can elaborate. Be prepared. Practice, take notes, be ready for when the opportunity arrives!

God Bless,

Steve Schofield