The heart left unchecked with no moral compass, will produce selfishness, hatred and anger with no remorse, the only way to overcome is unconditional love

With all the strife in the world, this saying came to mind on a variety of situations that seemed to apply. Look outside yourself and in the mirror when a difference of opinion conflicts with your being. Keep pondering!

Pondering Thought of the Day : Tithing : Why do we focus on what is being taken away when the amount taken is MUCH smaller than what remains?"

Recently, the enemy has me focused on the amount being taken when Tithing vs. amount remaining. Why do we focus so much and develop attitudes to complain, look at the glass 1/2 emptyvs. being like the grateful Leper mentioned in Luke 17:11-19. I even know better! God I give this struggle to you and use it for a lesson to me and hopefully others!

Pondering Thought of the Day : Ordinary

When you look at something in the moment, it seems ordinary. When you reflect back you realize it was extraordinary.

“my wife posted a picture on Facebook of my three boys when they were 9, 6, 1 holding one of our pet Chinchilla. My kids are grown now and looking back at the picture, it was just an ordinary moment captured in a picture, I realized now it’s an extraordinary moment and appreciate it. I totally give thanks to the good Lord for all things, when special moments like this, I appreciate them as I get older. that is the inspiration for this saying. Next time a normal, every day moment is captured or you realize it, stop to smell the roses and take it in.”