One faithful life by John Macarthur – Part 2

This section covers Paul first mission trip. Unlike mission trips in modern times, Paul was laying the ground work many times to go to unfriendly atmosphere to preach.

The section states Paul (Saul) and Barnabas completed the first trip. One of the first examples documented in Acts 13:42–52.

“But when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with envy; and contradicting and blaspheming, they opposed the things spoken by Paul.”

After reading scripture. I tried to imagine how my pastors (past and present) would have handled people disagreeing with him. Each of them would have relied on God. Paul and Barnabas were ran out of town according to Acts 13:50-51.

“So Paul and Barnabas shook the dust off their feet and went to Iconium.”

There were people praising them as they left yet there was a section of Jews not happy what they were preaching. For me personally, Paul talks about his revelation was from Jesus, not men or other apostles

Paul’s conviction is impressive and Jesus selecting Paul to bring Gods kingdoms message to the masses makes sense. As Paul went from town to town preaching, bringing the good news.

I can only imagine his upbringing was relevant. When Jews were not accepting Jesus words and needed to relate to them through knowledge, all that training came back. That is my thought as I type this yet the revelation Jesus gave him was so powerful. Its impact is still felt to this day through the books in the Bible.

“We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.”

Given today’s continued unrest and promotion of hateful atmosphere. I can see comparisons. When Paul was preaching, various times he wasn’t welcomed or forced to leave. Doing that kind of preaching is doing Gods work and to some degree our world needs that as well. There is such a revelation happening today around me and yet, many are unaware the impact of change going to happen.

False teachers were present in Pauls day as well. Some taught to gain eternal life the laws of Moses and circumcision needed. This goes against what Jesus did to free us from the law.

This first mission trip included a return trip to Jerusalem to meet other apostles. It would have been an interesting adventure to be able to witness these meetings.

I am humbled by this first part and enjoyed the content..

On to part 3..

One faithful life by John Macarthur – Part 1

A few months I asked God what he wanted me to study next? I praised him for many miracles, blessings, lessons among other things in my walk with Christ.

God made it clear through examples including prayer 🙏 and other people I interacted with on a regular basis to study Paul’s journey. I immediately identified with Paul’s passion to carry out his duties, with zeal.

I deliver food boxes each week and one of my regular guests is a mature Christian. Each week, we chat for awhile on various topics. He introduced me to John MacArthur. I was unfamiliar with John before this. My friend gave me a couple books. One was called The Gospel according to Paul. Click here. and “One Faithful Life”.

I read The Gospel according to Paul first. John’s writing style was definitely a step above. My initial thoughts his book seems a bit academic and theological. While not a typical writing style I prefer. I was attempting to be obedient to my perceived calling to study Paul.

After a couple weeks, I prayed and asked God. Am I supposed to finish this book? I was distracted by John’s frequent use of unfamiliar and “big” words I would need to lookup the meaning. This was distracting while reading and understanding what topic or concept being discussed.

Gods answer was with grace. “Steve” just keep reading and skim by words you are unfamiliar with. After this perceived answer to prayer. I was able to finish without issue.

After finishing “The Gospel according to Paul” written by John. I spent a few weeks studying a book by Louis Giglio called “not forsaken”. I will be teaching a class in the fall of 2020. If you follow my blog, there are 10 posts about my experiences in this book.

When I finished Louis’s book. I felt the call to return to another book my guest gave me. It is “the faithful one”. It was very clear I needed to read both books by John MacArthur regarding Paul.

Besides Jesus, Moses and probably King David. There isn’t another individual God uses in the Bible to bring his kingdom to the people.

I was surprised 😮 early on Paul was the perfect person Jesus could use to bring his ministry to Gentiles. The thought of a zealot, who knew the Old Testament and traditions of Jews was perfect. His passion was well documented to persecute Christ followers.

The format of the book is a chronological timeline of Paul. Part 1 reminded me how much deal Saul had to persecute Christians his day. The story of Stephen is well documented in Acts. Paul approved over the death.

From there is covers Sauls conversion, to Paul’s meeting of the original prophets. The style of the book is way different and mostly is like reading the Bible. There is some interjected statements unlike the other book I am reading. This is enjoyable and a refresher of covering The book of Acts.

One of the things on my mind as I read through Part 1. Life continues for the world after Jesus death. There was a certain disfunction yet workable society. Much like today, there is a lot of disfunction and the world continues. Depending on who is in power, is what agenda is pushed.

In part 1, it includes original apostles such as Paul, Phillip. In all, three is 32 small stories in Part 1 labeled from Pharisee to Pastor.

On to our Part 2…

Serving where we are called, listening to the spirit and saying NO.


Are you serving in the right ministry? Are you burnout? Do you feel guilty?  Having a hard time changing?  People serving in a church or community seek some type of validation or satisfaction for their efforts.   When we are unsure where we belong, we hesitant to commit. 

Ive been serving at my local church in a variety of volunteer positions.  This includes different leadership, some experienced, some it was their first ministry.  Regardless of the assignment, there is uncertainty during transitions.   Im no expert and the longer I serve, the less Ill declare any knowledge of whats the right approach as a lay person.

During last couple of years, Ive primarily did personal studies in the Old Testament, mainly minor prophets.  The perspective and examples given by each of these prophets is amazing and worth studying.   I do my best where Im called.  Sometimes my passion gets the best of me and the spirit needs to slow me down.  

For years, Ive prayed for direction and with my recent change of seasons in life ( all my kids graduated from High School).  My free time increased allowing for flexibility in serving.  The Lord called me to help in Childrens ministry.  Regardless of the call, serving in the ministry or position the Spirit has led you is rewarding.  I dont know how long Ill serve or help where Im called.  When its time to move on, either a different ministry or church, all I ask is God makes it clear. 

Whats the point of serving?  One of the main reasons is gets the focus off ourselves and onto others.   The current book Im serving, Ezekiel was called to the Lords voice to his people during some tough times, Israel had fallen away from following God and Jerusalem was being destroyed for the rebellion.   During this time, God kept Ezekiel quiet for 7 years, (YES 7 YEARS).   As we serve, I draw on scripture for strength and examples.   When seasons of life change and we get a discontent or unsure of our call.  Look at examples in scripture.   There are other examples such as Joseph in Genesis 39, 40.   Paul in Jail and singing (yes singing).   As we hopefully get more wisdom in our older years, we look at examples in scripture to help guide us and have patience, in things we do.  

NOW, to address NO in the title.  We cant be afraid to say no when seeking to serve.   I encourage people to try different things, dont be afraid to fail and move around.   Try different churches, worship styles and find your church home. 

How big are chains when we ask God to break them?

I was praying recently for a few various people, including some of my own asks. I got this incredible picture of a chain that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Have you ever tried to find a picture to describe what you are seeing in your mind. Here is a sample, notice the guy looks very small compared to the chains. I’m sure the chains we have acquired in the spiritual realm are much larger, but you get the idea. The good thing, God can break chains this big or even bigger!

In Luke 4:18, Luke talks about “..Set the captives free..”. Since we are born with a sin nature. We inherently have chains based on that nature. Jesus was in Heaven, came as a baby and became an adult to spread his ministry. Part of this was suffering a criminal’s death and died on the Cross. He provided everyone a way to re-establish a connection or “chain” connected to the father.

Blood covering of protection poster

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Lamentations – hard to read, the truth hurts and value of consequences


God has me on a journey to study the Old Testament. I’ve done this as a personal study for a while now. There is usually wisdom found or revealed to me when studying scripture that applies to everyday life. Lamentations was tough, tough read. I’ve been a Christian for a few years, when I read scripture like this, it makes me ponder, pray and evaluate more. The Israelites wandered away from God, there were consequences to their actions. The book covers many hard to read examples, many I don’t understand. If a non-Christian was to ask me, I would have to defer my intelligence is not sufficient to even try to explain.

As I type my thoughts out, God is active in my life. I believe in prayer, it changes things. If nothing more than providing perspective to the problem of the day, we should have perspective and realize there are consequences. Regardless of it’s money, a bad decision or something else, there are consequences, which some of them aren’t pretty. Jeremiah appears to have written this book. There are many accounts of what happened to Israelites during this time. Of the takeaways in this book are as follows:

God is honest in revealing thoughts he wanted to convey. When young, stay quiet and stay focused on God. As a younger person who didn’t follow Christ until later in life, I would struggle with this one. I can’t speak for others, but when a young person is in the season of life of “figuring it out”, they tend to not focus on God for wisdom. I was one such person. Lamentations 3:25-30 for reference.

God allowed the enemies of Jerusalem to act against the Israelites. Even though there was bad bad things happening, God was there even in the darkest times. That is a takeaway for me when one day if I face an impossible situation, seek God first.

Fear God, yes let me say that again, Fear God. There are consequences in life, if you make a stupid decision, God will forgive you, but, yes but there could be consequences. If you spend too much money on a car you can’t afford, you’ll have to work extra hard to pay for it. How does this compare to the examples gives in this book, I won’t speak to that since I’m humble enough to say, I don’t know, ask God to reveal in your heart. My description of a car is my takeaway.

We live in a broken world and men’s hearts if they don’t follow God, things happen. When Jesus restores the Garden of Eden, things will be set right. Until then, we have to hold onto to God with all our might, as I type this out, there are things stirring in my heart the enemy wants to remind me, do you really Love God? Yes, I answer with a loud cry.

When we pray, we need to be authentic, God wants his children to love him. The biggest lesson was in 3:41, “We should raise our hands and pray to God in heaven.” When we do this, do with 100% honesty and be vulnerable. Is it hard? Darn right it’s hard.

This was a tough book to ponder and read. God revealed a few things and many reminders.

Keep Pondering.


process files with .TMP file extensions

We received a question how to process with .TMP file extensions.  IISLogs has a feature called Per Directory that was introduced in 2.0.  The feature allows an administrator to have granular control on a per directory basis.  We added the .TMP extension as an option in the Per Directory feature, please review the Per Directory article for complete options.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support alias @

Open IISLogsGUI, Select Per Directory option

Fill in the Directory Name and other attributes you need.

Select TMP


When you save this, in the install folder the data is stored in a file called IISLogsPerDirectory.xml

<?xml version=”1.0″ standalone=”yes”?>


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

Continuing on with Daniel’s plan

Its been a few days and still on the prowl of losing weight, learning how to eat differently.  My wife has been awesome putting together some tasty meals.  One of the options to exclude from the diet is wheat (Ive later learned Glutton).  I dont know all the details, many things use this ingredient.  Although Ive not followed the diet to the letter, my eating habits have improved greatly.  during the day, Ive been snacking on oranges, broccoli, cauliflower and apples.  It helps with the mid-morning and mid-afternoon urges to snack.  My downfall is after I get home from work, all I want to do is snack.  Chips, cookies, leftovers or whatever is laying around.  The vegies and fruit has helped. 

Im down around 4.1 pounds in seven days.  My goal is initially 6 8 pounds, then well see how my body reacts.   If I had to wish, Id like 18 as a phase 1.  I suppose when you reach one goal, youll keep going.  I hope to reach this crossroads in the future, for now, my faith is strong.  God is actively in the project and Im leaning on Him for strength to succeed

Praise God,