Blood covering of protection poster

This post contains contact information to obtain a poster of Blood Covering of Protection.† All profits from the poster will be shared with ministries, God willing all will be sent to Wellsprings Freedom of International.† †For a 24 x 18, they are $100 + shipping.† †A movie size poster 36″ x 24″ are $125 + shipping.† †Each poster includes a copy of†Seek : Lead more by example, less by opinion.† Feel free to contact me at

Lamentations – hard to read, the truth hurts and value of consequences


God has me on a journey to study the Old Testament. †I’ve done this as a personal study for a while now. †There is usually wisdom found or revealed to me when studying scripture that applies to everyday life. † Lamentations was tough, tough read. †I’ve been a Christian for a few years, when I read scripture like this, it makes me ponder, pray and evaluate more. †The Israelites wandered away from God, there were consequences to their actions. The book covers many hard to read examples, many I don’t understand. †If a non-Christian was to ask me, I would have to defer my intelligence is not sufficient to even try to explain.

As I type my thoughts out, God is active in my life. †I believe in prayer, it changes things. †If nothing more than providing perspective to the problem of the day, we should have perspective and realize there are consequences. † Regardless of it’s money, a bad decision or something else, there are consequences, which some of them aren’t pretty. †Jeremiah appears to have written this book. † There are many accounts of what happened to Israelites during this time. †Of the takeaways in this book are as follows:

God is honest in revealing thoughts he wanted to convey. † When young, stay quiet and stay focused on God. † As a younger person who didn’t follow Christ until later in life, I would struggle with this one. †I can’t speak for others, but when a young person is in the season of life of “figuring it out”, they tend to not focus on God for wisdom. †I was one such person. † Lamentations 3:25-30 for reference.

God allowed the enemies of Jerusalem to act against the Israelites. †Even though there was bad bad things happening, God was there even in the darkest times. †That is a takeaway for me when one day if I face an impossible situation, seek God first.

Fear God, yes let me say that again, Fear God. †There are consequences in life, if you make a stupid decision, God will forgive you, but, yes but there could be consequences. If you spend too much money on a car you can’t afford, you’ll have to work extra hard to pay for it. †How does this compare to the examples gives in this book, I won’t speak to that since I’m humble enough to say, I don’t know, ask God to reveal in your heart. †My description of a car is my takeaway.

We live in a broken world and men’s hearts if they don’t follow God, things happen. † When Jesus restores the Garden of Eden, things will be set right. †Until then, we have to hold onto to God with all our might, as I type this out, there are things stirring in my heart the enemy wants to remind me, do you really Love God? Yes, I answer with a loud cry.

When we pray, we need to be authentic, God wants his children to love him. †The biggest lesson was in 3:41, “We should raise our hands and pray to God in heaven.” † When we do this, do with 100% honesty and be vulnerable. †Is it hard? Darn right it’s hard.

This was a tough book to ponder and read. †God revealed a few things and many reminders.

Keep Pondering.


Continuing on with Daniel’s plan

Itís been a few days and still on the prowl of losing weight, learning how to eat differently.  My wife has been awesome putting together some tasty meals.  One of the options to exclude from the diet is wheat (Iíve later learned Glutton).  I donít know all the details, many things use this ingredient.  Although Iíve not followed the diet to the letter, my eating habits have improved greatly.  during the day, Iíve been snacking on oranges, broccoli, cauliflower and apples.  It helps with the mid-morning and mid-afternoon urges to snack.  My downfall is after I get home from work, all I want to do is snack.  Chips, cookies, leftovers or whatever is laying around.  The vegieís and fruit has helped. 

Iím down around 4.1 pounds in seven days.  My goal is initially 6 Ė 8 pounds, then weíll see how my body reacts.   If I had to wish, Iíd like 18 as a phase 1.  I suppose when you reach one goal, youíll keep going.  I hope to reach this crossroads in the future, for now, my faith is strong.  God is actively in the project and Iím leaning on Him for strength to succeed

Praise God,


Daniel diet notes day 1 and 2

Day 1 and 2 notes.  I weighed myself and my goal is 8.5 pounds to shed. Anything more is frosting on the cake, even though we canít have it. ūüôā My wife and I are attempting the Daniel Plan written by Rick Warren and some other authors, Rick is the head pastor from Saddleback church.   Itís a 10 day detox and 30 day diet helping change the way a person eats.   For me, i donít drink anything on a regular basis with caffeine, which my wife has a slight obsession with Diet Coke, and Chocolate.  I like sweets though!

When we were shopping for the food, there is nothing cheap about ingredients to make the food.  This will be my first adventure into a diet per se.  Iím glad cause my wife does the cooking, previous attempts to watch what I eat, generally failed.  Iím stuck at a certain weight even though I work out 3 to 4 days a week.  I did a sprint triathlon in 2012 and worked out 5 and 6 days a week.  Even this didnít help lose a lot of weight.  This proved a diet is critical part of toning up and losing weight. 

We were shopping, one funny thing I realized, Iím glad we donít have to diet Ďtoliet paperí.  Everything else we purchased was new!  The first day consisted of salad, vegies, a new vinegar based salad dressing.  We had stir fry with some tofu (fake meat), which wasnít too bad either.  

On the faith side, the wife and are using the Duck Dynasty devotional book my wife got for me Christmas.  Unlike other attempts, this is my first adventure actively including my faith.  If itís in His will, we will succeed.  I believe that 100%.

The word that came out of our devotionals, ďperseveranceĒ – ď

ďsteadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving successĒ

Lord, I pray for help with the change in diet, change in habits and be present for my wife and I during this journey.


Stay tuned,


One of the best lines ever by Todd Burpo author of Heaven is for Real

We attended an event on 1/27 where Todd and Sonja Burpo talked about Heaven is for Real.  One of this lines that was absolutely priceless is listed below.  This really speaks to guys they need to have responsibility to their families.    He provided an excellent example where someone did this!   This is my new motto!

“This probably isn’t too pastor like, but guys, it’s NOT your pastor’s job to tell your family you’ll be alright at your funeral……It’s yours before you leave earth…so man-up!” Best line ever!

So guys, have you told your family Jesus is in your heart?!

Thanks Todd and Sonja for obeying Godís call.

God Bless